The NERC reduced the “green” tariffs in accordance with the law on the conditions of support for RES

The National Commission for Regulation of Economic Competition has revised “green” tariffs for SES and WPPs in accordance with Law 810-IX of July 21 on the conditions of support for renewable energy, which provides for their reduction from August 1 – reports Energoreforma.
The NERC adopted the relevant resolution on the establishment of “green” tariffs for electricity and surcharges to them for the use of Ukrainian equipment at a meeting on Saturday.
As a result, according to the published draft resolution, taking into account the statutory gradation of the size of “green” tariffs, depending on the time of commissioning, for most SPP set a green tariff of 3.83 UAH/kWh (here and further – without VAT). The highest tariff is UAH 7.37 / kWh. (in particular, for SES installed by one of the first – ER), the lowest 3.29 UAH / kWh.
Also for SPP mounted on the roofs or facades of buildings and put into operation after July 30, 2015, the tariff is set at 4.54 UAH/kWh. (About two hundred RES objects).
5% and 10% of surcharges have been set for a number of SPP for the use of Ukrainian equipment.
As reported by Energoreforma, Law 810-IX of July 21 “On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Improving Conditions for Supporting Electricity Production from Alternative Energy Sources” was signed by the President of Ukraine on July 31 and published in official sources.
The bill envisages, in particular, a reduction of the green tariff for most SES by 15%, for SES up to 1 MW – by 7.5%, for wind farms – by 7.5%, without prolonging their validity. Reduction of green tariffs is expected from August 1.
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has increased for six years from 10 to 20% the surcharge to the “green” tariff and the auction price for renewable energy facilities, the level of use of which is Ukrainian-made equipment is 70% and above.

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