Solar energy sector in Ukraine: protracted crisis or new opportunities?

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has led to an unprecedented global energy crisis. But at the same time, the war is pushing for an accelerated green transition to reduce dependence on Russian energy imports. Solar companies find the resources to work efficiently and even to enter the European market.

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine (ASEU) also experienced new challenges. The team is forced to work remotely, sometimes in conditions of air alarms and shelling, the ASEU office was also destroyed. Nevertheless, the team of the Association understands that now more than ever we need to unite and make efforts to support the industry as a whole, as well as participants and partners.

The ASEU continues to be the voice of the industry, despite the difficulties!

Thus, the KNESS group, the General Partner of the Association, during the full-scale armed Russian aggression against Ukraine, restored the important infrastructure of Vinnytsia, reconstructed the systems of providing autonomous power supply to hospitals. The company also actively helps displaced children by organizing shelters.

KNESS engineers have recently set up a PV-SICH (a mobile solar station), which is manufactured and delivered on request to places where there is no centralized power supply or no possibility to use it. But at the same time, the company continues to work actively, develop, and moreover, enter the European market.

Other members of ASEU – Energo-Syla Group, Solar SteelConstruction, Atmosfera, took part in the largest exhibition of the solar industry, Intersolar in Munich. Now companies are actively preparing for export activities, with which the Association helps them.

The Solar Energy Association is actively working to reimburse Solar power stations for damage caused by military aggression. The algorithm of fixing of losses is developed, contacts of those who need the help are collected. But despite the difficulties, both industrial and domestic stations believe in the future of RES and are confident that they will soon be able to continue working.

Another important part of the ASEU’s work in wartime is its assistance to civilians and the military. Much has already been done: assistance to the Armed Forces with metal, numerous generators for civilians and hospitals thanks to European partners, fundraising with the support of the association and the fund in Chile. And we are sure that this is just the beginning of our volunteer work!

We believe that Ukraine’s energy future is an increase in the share of RES, and the war has only confirmed this. The Association promotes the growth of its members by creating comfortable conditions for growth and supporting partners in export activities. We want our members to enter the international arena as soon as possible and take leading international positions. And we are sure that Ukrainian companies have this potential.

The war is a difficult stage for the Ukrainian economy and people, but we are confident that the solar industry will continue to operate and even gain new momentum.

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