Bohdan Dushko: “The solar energy market is undoubtedly waiting for recovery”

Bohdan Dushko, Director of Altek, a leading importer of solar energy equipment, believes that Ukraine has great potential for the use of RES and solar energy, in particular. This is due to the fact that the climate and geographical location of Ukraine are very favorable for the development of solar energy and the construction of PV panels throughout the country. Even the northern regions of our country have significant potential for the use of solar energy. Solar energy is always available and will not run out, which makes it always relevant for Ukraine’s energy independence and overcoming energy poverty.


“I believe that solar energy in Ukraine has not yet realized even 10% of its potential and should become a key area for the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The future will be in the distributed generation, ”said the director of Altek.


According to the growth rate of the solar energy sector in 2020, Ukraine reached + 23.5%. In the world, the dynamics of installing solar panels on the roofs of houses (or land) to generate electricity and solar panels for water heating continues to grow very actively. Owners of households and businesses in Ukraine will not stay away from evolutionary processes. The active development of domestic solar power plants and commercial facilities to ensure their own consumption will become key trends in 2021-2022, provided that the Government maintains the current form of support for domestic PV-panels  and introduces the Net Energy Billing system, which, according to previously announced intentions, has become a key incentive for legal entities to switch to clean energy sources.


“Today we see a clear trend towards the popularity of” green “energy. More than 30,000 households have installed solar panels. At the same time, energy efficiency is improving due to a significant reduction in electricity consumption by various household appliances, although their number is growing. People become more conscious and pay attention to how much a device consumes. Electrical appliances flooded every kitchen and bathroom. Electric heating in modern homes is becoming more profitable than using gas. The number of electric cars on Ukrainian roads is also growing, numbering more than 35,000. All this creates favorable conditions for increasing electricity consumption by the population and the development of distributed generation”, said Bohdan Dushko.


By the way, technology makes our lives easier and more comfortable. In particular, sound public policy and support focused on the development of small generations will have a positive impact on increasing the share of renewable energy in the overall energy balance and achieving the goals of the 4th energy package of the European Union. Given that Ukraine has made environmental and climate commitments under the Association Agreement, and therefore, one way or another, it must comply with them and comply with the policies of the European Green Course.


Bohdan also stressed: “Like the entire economy, the solar energy industry has been greatly affected by the coronavirus crisis. However, there are now favorable factors for development. The solar energy market is undoubtedly waiting to recover. And Altek is ready to be part of that process”.


The Solar Energy Association of Ukraine is consistently working to create favorable conditions for the entire solar energy market. Recently, at the initiative of ASEU member companies, a profile committee was formed in the Solar Energy Association – the Committee of Importers and Distributors. The purpose of this committee is to become a platform for business dialogue, which is engaged in the import and distribution of equipment for solar energy to develop common rules and approval of common values.


“We have created a powerful platform for interaction between importers of solar energy equipment. A constituent meeting of the Committee will take place in the near future and we will approve its work plan for the coming year. I invite all interested companies, importers, suppliers and distributors from the solar market to work with us on the basis of the ASEU Committee “- says Bohdan Dushko.


Incidentally, on July 7-8, 2021, the exhibition CISOLAR 2021 was held, which presented the companies that unite the newly established Committee of Importers and Distributors of ASEU: the largest importer, manufacturer and developer of equipment for alternative energy in Ukraine “Altek”, distributor Atmosphere, a company of technologies and equipment, and KRIPTER, a manufacturer of mounting systems for solar stations. The exhibition presented the latest technological advances in the field of renewable energy, and for the first time – a household energy storage system.


The ASEU sectoral community shares views on “green” investments, which will somehow become a priority for Ukraine’s economy. Even if today the Government does not consider renewable energy as a strategic priority, global world trends will show the current course Ukraine must take to form a low-carbon economy.


And we will start building the future together now!


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