Working meeting of Artem Semenyshyn with Minister of Energy Herman Galushchenko

During a working meeting with the Minister of Energy Herman Galushchenko, the director of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine Artem Semenyshyn handed over a letter to ACEU regarding debts to producers of renewable energy sources and excise duty.

In the letter, the Solar Energy Association states the fact that the state and the Government have neglected their obligations to pay debts to RES producers and form a new one. The state is also delaying the process of introducing green auctions and not approving quotas, not fulfilling its commitments to remain unchanged legislation for RES producers, as the CMU initiated Bill N5600 on the introduction of excise duty on electricity from renewable sources, which may cause additional losses to producers in the amount of 3.6 billion UAH annually. Also, indicative targets for the consumption of electricity from renewable energy sources under Directive 2001/77 / EC for 2021 and beyond have not yet been approved.

Inaction in debt repayment and accumulation has already led to extremely negative image and investment consequences for Ukraine. In this case, we risk finding ourselves in the Spanish situation, where 75% of claims of RES investors were lost by the state of Spain and suffered much greater losses due to additional paid court fees, fines, penalties and penalties – added in the Association. To date, several foreign investors have initiated arbitration against Ukraine, in addition, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has received more than 10 reports from international investors to initiate a dispute in the future.

The Solar Energy Association of Ukraine emphasizes that it is ready to join the joint development of ways out of the RES crisis and join the relevant working group to provide recommendations aimed primarily at debt repayment and timely settlements with electricity producers from renewable sources

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