Solar Energy Association does not support the idea of restructuring feed-in tariffs for PV plants

At the end of November last year, during an open press conference, representatives of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine together with leading companies participating in the solar energy market and leading lawyers, invited the Government to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the solar energy industry. At that time, even without the participation of international mediators.
This event was the first in the history of Ukraine in which the solar industry addressed the Government with a proposal to conclude a Memorandum and prevent escalation in relations, which has now escalated into a crisis of RES business confidence in the Government’s actions.
We already realized then that the proposal to restructure RES payments does not have the economic benefits for the state, which it will soon offset by tenfold financial losses from international arbitration, a negative investment image for years and the energy crisis.
Both then and now, our proposals with mechanisms to stabilize the financial income of the Guaranteed Buyer were rejected by representatives from the Government, which does not express readiness to conduct a constructive dialogue with solar investors.
What do we have as a result today?
1. Debt to RES is more than 14 billion UAH for produced “green” electricity.
2. Forced reduction of more than 7,000 employees in 5 months of 2020 only in solar energy!
3. Loss by the state of more than 3.5 billion UAH of tax revenues from the industry in 2020 alone.
4. Tenfold reduction in investment flows into the energy sector.
5. Almost complete cessation of construction of new SPP (since 2019, SPP is the cheapest type of generation – IRENA Cost competetivnes report), which makes it impossible to fulfil international obligations further for RES development.
More about the press conference:

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