Press conference of representatives of the solar energy industry following the results of the First Ukrainian Solar EPC Forum

A press conference of representatives of the solar energy industry on the results of the First Ukrainian Solar EPC Forum on “Ways of Solar Energy Market Development” was held today at the Interfax-Ukraine news agency.
Ukraine’s solar energy industry currently needs significant support, so we decided to update the current issues of specialized companies and find ways to address them for further development of the industry.
Artem Semenyshyn, director of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine, stressed that the urgent challenge is to restore investor confidence in the Ukrainian economy, the renewable energy sector, as well as the confidence of market participants in the actions of the authorities. “Without radical changes in the state’s attitude to RES investors, we will not be able to restore the confidence of foreign and Ukrainian investors, and thus we will not be able to develop the renewable energy sector,” Artem said.
Maxim Moldovan, Chief Engineer of EDS Engineering, emphasized that the key place that slows down the development of the industry is the wear of electrical networks and equipment. “The total wear of networks is 50-60%. In this regard, in 2019 in Ukraine there were 156, 000 thousand accidents. On the contrary, by proposing a roadmap for reconstruction for the next 5 years, ensuring the protection of investments at the legislative level, we will have a chance to reach a new level, “- said Maxim.
Maxim Babayev, CEO and coordinator of the GetMarket platform: “The problem is that the reform of DABI, which was launched, and directly affects renewable energy projects, slows down the entire industry, and generally prevents much of the new activity in the sector. It is necessary to temporarily return the old rules of the game and allow companies to continue to work, it will help maintain some dynamics in solar energy, in general in renewable energy.
“We believe that there are mechanisms that can promote the development of networks, the development of energy in general, so that in the future there are no questions about balancing, there are no questions about worn-out networks. A mechanism like Net Metering can definitely help balance networks, use existing network resources to optimize the entire power system, and enable businesses and the state to invest in solar power plants without additional balancing costs, ”said Oleksiy Badika, owner. and CEO of Atmosphere.
“In order for us to be able to safely operate the new renewables that we have today and use them effectively, rather than shutting down on the dispatcher’s command, we need to have balancing capacity. In a short period of time, we are able to integrate fast-maneuvering gas stations and energy storage into the system, but for this there must be political will and a state position, ”said Vitaliy Nikolayenko, Director of Voltage Group.
Alexander Suslov, CEO of VOLTEN GROUP stressed that the most important thing is to choose a strategy, a strategy for long-term development of our country, so that all market players and businesses understand where we are moving, how and in what direction. “The development of the general strategy of the state and adherence to this strategy, despite the change of political players, will allow us to move forward!”, – said Alexander.
Thank you to all the participants of the press conference and those who joined us online. We managed to gather people who are not indifferent to the development of solar energy in Ukraine. Only by uniting will we be able to reach the people who make decisions in the country!

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