ASEU took part in Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue.23

Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue.23, one of the largest European forums dedicated to the energy transition, began in Berlin.
Problems in the global energy sector have been brewing for a long time. The Russian invasion of Ukraine turned this conglomeration of global challenges into the first real global energy crisis. Although each country has now begun to pay special attention to strengthening energy security, primarily by developing its own RES sector, Ukraine has every opportunity to contribute to a significant role in strengthening energy and climate security on the European continent.
Ukraine, its energy future and recovery were discussed in almost every discussion.
Ukraine represents this year very broadly: representatives of RES business associations, public organizations. The delegation was headed by Minister of Energy Herman Galushchenko.
According to Artem Semenyshyn, head of the ASEU, Ukraine is considered one of the largest exporters of clean energy.
“Ukrainian energy is very important for Europe, which plans to build its energy independence on “clean” energy. The European Commission, assessing the potential of RES in Central and Southeastern Europe, recognized Ukraine as the absolute leader: the total potential of solar generation is 416 GW, and the technical potential of wind generation is 134 GW. The solar potential is losing the current installed European capacity, and the wind potential is about 60% of the current installed capacity in the entire EU,” explains the head of the ASEU.
Therefore, Germany – as the organizer of the forum and the EU leader in energy – supports the partnership of both countries in the energy sector. As part of the forum, its co-organizers – the German Solar Energy Association and the German Renewable Energy Association held a separate event to introduce Ukrainian and German renewable energy companies and provide an opportunity to present their business opportunities.
ASEU also presented a report showing the current problem in the field of solar energy in Ukraine; challenges faced by companies in the sector and the importance of solar generation for the country’s energy security and military reconstruction.
The event was supported by the Ukrainian-German Energy Agency and GIZ.

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