The director of ASEU, Artem Semenyshyn, gave a comment for the Ukrainian news portal “Ukrainian Energy”

Trade of energy from RES will strengthen the position of the sector if a document confirming its “green” origin is valid. However, the introduction of guarantees of the origin of electricity is still at the stage of creating a mechanism.

Taking into account the European Green Course aimed at a low-carbon economy, experts note the special interest of the EU in the export of renewable energy from Ukraine. However, Ukrainian exporters are not yet ready to provide documents that guarantee the “green” origin of electricity produced in Ukraine from RES. The mechanism for issuing guarantees of the origin of “green” energy is still under development.

The settlement of the mechanism of guarantees of the origin in Ukraine has been “stuck” for almost 10 years

The conept of the guarantee of the origin of electric energy from renewable sources was introduced in the summer of 2013 by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 771 “On approval of the Procedure for Issuing, Using and Terminating the Guarantee of the Origin of Electric Energy for Business Entities Producing Electric Energy from Alternative Energy Sources”.

However, as noted by Artem Semenyshyn, Director of the Solar Energy Association of Ukraine, the current regulatory framework does not allow for the issuance of guarantees of origin to producers of electricity from renewable sources for use in Ukraine, nor does it provide for their circulation and recognition abroad.

“Industry legislation, in particular, the Law of Ukraine “On the Electric Energy Market” does not provide for the principles of issuing, circulation, registration, and legal status of guarantees of origin. Currently, the only thing stipulated by the law is the very concept of the guarantee of the origin of electric energy,” the specialist clarified.

In 2013, when the instrument of guaranteeing the origin of electricity was introduced in Ukraine for the first time, this mechanism was not in demand either by RES energy producers who worked under a “green” tariff or by businesses that were not interested in buying exactly “green” electricity at that time.

However, currently, the situation has changed, both due to the increase in demand for electricity from RES by consumers in the EU, and due to the interest of the Ukrainian consumer.



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