VIT Energy

VIT ENERGY (part of the VITAGRO group of companies) was founded in 2018 to develop investment projects in the field of “green” energy. The main activity is the development and operation of power plants that produce energy from renewable energy sources.

The company develops projects: from the idea to the commissioning of stations. Namely: legal and technical analysis of land plots and locations, analysis of connection to networks, preparation of documentation, design, construction and procurement management, commissioning and obtaining a feed-in tariff.

As part of the operation, the company has created a permanent staff, which allows it to close the issues of operation and maintenance of energy facilities, comply with legal requirements of the energy market.

For 2 years the company has built and successfully operates 4 solar power plants in the Khmelnytsky region with a total capacity of 15.6 MW (DC). Thanks to the new PV built, the company renovated 30 hectares of land, created more than 30 jobs and became a significant taxpayer for local governments.

In 2021, we decided to implement the first pilot project in the bioenergy sector to process agricultural waste and obtain clean electricity and organic fertilizers.

By implementing its projects, the company in practice shows the benefits of distributed recovery generation for local communities.

The company’s motto is “Life is energy, energy is life!” We believe that we can create a clean ecological future today by changing and transforming the electricity markets, which is in line with the mission of the VITAGRO Group: “We work for the well-being of people, with care for the land and future generations.”

VIT ENERGY is constantly keeping an eye on the pulse by monitoring new market opportunities, interested in making the electricity market one of the most progressive in the world. The company is always open to new opportunities and is ready to consider options for cooperation in the field of renewable energy.

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